The Characters

The cast of Redefining Evil is actually older than the story itself. Given the nature of RE beginning as a sequel to my first graphic novel, Nikkei, many of the main characters have their roots in Nikkei, even if the story has completely departed from what was started there.
Here is a chapter image from Nikkei, drawn sometime in 2005. The four highlighted figures looking absolutely thrilled to be there are four of the main characters in Redefining Evil.

In this story, these guys were known as (l->r) Mikara Akamiro, Shani Sato, Myoku Sato, and Eripmav (*cough*) Kaehn.
In the up-and-coming novel, they're now known as Ingrid Lemars, Lacy Evereaux, Micah Evereaux, and Danyil/Daniel Kaehn.

Ingrid Lemars

While Ingrid is pivotal to RE's plot, in Nikkei, she was highly secondary. And she had wings. Yes - check out those beauties.
The wings were a part of my awesome conception of vampires (please - don't miss my sarcasm) in Eripmav's vampire police department.
Then, she was bubbly and became a companion and protector to the younger, more naive Shani. Now, as Ingrid, she is a bitter and fiercely aggressive girl. :D

Lacy Evereaux

In some ways, Lacy has changed a lot since being Shani Sato. In others, she's very much the same. In RE, Lacy is flaky and naive to the point of being absolutely irritating. She's the type of character everyone understands because everyone knows someone like her. In Nikkei, Shani underwent much more change than Lacy does. She had a bit of an awakening as the series progressed. I'm not sure she ever does in RE, and she ends up the same little girl just as she began.

Micah Evereaux

Micah Evereaux, then Myoku Sato, became almost as bitter and resentful as Ingrid when he entered the world of RE.
In Nikkei, Myoku was the comic relief, protective older brother, and good-for-nothing beau that all the girls loved.
In RE, he is highly critical and downright rude. However, he experiences a serious change of heart throughout the story and is the one whose prejudices are violently uprooted and reformed.

Danyil Kaehn

As chief of police in both Nikkei and RE, Danyil retained much of the characteristics he had as Eripmav (yes, that is 'vampire,' spelled backwards).
In both, he is controlled, loyal, and often distant. He's a highly respected authority figure to his subordinates, but can be intimidating and mistrusted by others.
In reality, Danyil's just a huge softie who misses his daddy.

Other Characters

Julian Evereaux

Julian's character predates Nikkei, but RE is the first time when I really delved into him as an adult. He's always been Micah and Lacy's dad, and so the three of them have a very definitive, strong bond. In RE, he is pretty tragic; a serious family man; and the only person whose stare can intimidate Danyil.

Andrew Stillwater

Andrew's case is much the same as Julian's. He's made minor appearances in all my works, but is definitely different in this story. In RE, Andrew provides unending hope and cheer to the sometimes very gloomy cast. A childhood friend of Julian's, Andrew has a dark background that he's overcome when he found Christ. He offers the spiritual insight for the story.

Sotoka-Khepri Mioriu

Sotoka's past is the shortest of all the characters, but he's possibly RE's strongest presence. Troubled, ill and miserable, Sotoka wreaks havoc but wrenches pity from you. He's a boy from a generation long passed, and all he wants is a moment of happiness. His image has come a long way since the manga RE.