In the last four years, Redefining Evil has been a project which has undergone intense revision, transformation, and development.
It began with my manga.
I had just finished a four-volume graphic novel project called Nikkei. I was intending to write its sequel, called So Much for That!, where the cast journeyed to Egypt and had some fun encountering a crazy cousin of one of Nikkei's main characters, Eripmav Kaehn.
What really pushed SMfT past being a silly sequel was its coincidence with a project required of me for my 10th grade year. I was part of a program called the International Baccalaureate (Middle Years Program), and to complete it, students did a Personal Project.
For mine, I decided to work with SMfT and push it through the first serious revision I'd ever done in writing.
By the end of the project, I had redrawn 30% of the 230-page manga and significantly added or removed elements of the story, including the removal of at least three characters, as well as some talking cats.