about the website

Melizabethart.com is the xith domain name I've owned, so that's excluding several Geocities and Freewebs sites I might have had along the way. I maintain it through Dreamhost, which is expensive, but problem-free and uninhibiting. In order I've had myoku.com (co-hosted with my old friend Skye-chan), eternityinaday.net, sins-erased.net, thepaperstars.net, o-my-soul.net, and melizabethart.com.
I got into webdesign through a chain of internet-related adventures when I was going into middle school. I've always had stories and characters, so they've fueled the focus of my webdesign pretty much from day one.
I love webdesign. I love the satisfaction of turning meaningless lines of text into aesthetically pleasing arrangements. I suppose my love for webdesign supports a love I have for language.

about the layout

(Wednesday 27 July '11) I actually designed and wrote up this layout over the weekend, but I wasn't feeling particularly inclined to switch it up until now. I am quite fond of this layout. The image worked out splendidly. It's a pencil drawing that I colored in Painter, so I feel pretty strongly about it. The roughness of it ended up really complementing the unexpectly appropriate theme of this layout. It features Julian and Danyil from RE, who are, in some ways, the two single most important characters in the story.
The tile for the background is from here.
Brushes in frame and content background (c) their respective owners.
"Memories" was written with a preinstalled font and the one underneath it is Shining Like Stars.
I conquered Slimbox2 with help from this download and tutorial site.

where else to find me

marsbar [at] o-my-soul.net or melizabethart [at] gmail.com

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